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  1. Good Day;

    I am from the Philippines, are your service available here? Also in payment information in Western Union, that Cory Devine is still in Liviacoins organization?


    1. Kindly be informed that once you place an order, do ensure to write us via email, support@liviacoins.com so we can leave instructions on how to make payment.

  2. took them 2 days to credit me $45k

  3. I used this service to sell bicoins of over $120,000…. It helped me stay anonymous

  4. This service is freaking fast. i can’t believe I got money in my bank account today

  5. I sold here and got paid in 20 minutes

  6. Fast service. I trust them now

  7. I really got paid in few hours after selling btc

  8. I got paid successfully after I sold coins. And it was fast

  9. I prefer using this service to big names companies

  10. This service works. I just tried it today 21 June, 2018

  11. Heard this was a scam but after using this service 5 different times, I conclude that those reviews are wrong!

  12. Good job fells

  13. Has anyone tried this is Bulgaria?

  14. Liviacoins is 10X better than coinbase. When I sold BTC to them, I got credit in my account in less than an hour

  15. Sold bitcoins successfully

  16. Best service in UK to buy ethereum

  17. Are your service open in Dubai? If I sell coins can I receive payment thru western union?

    1. Yes, our service is available in Dubai and if you sell, we would pay out instantly and the money would be available to you within a time frame of 45 minutes


  19. Purchase order placed, payment done. Would get back to y’all if this site is trustworthy

    1. I just received the bitcoin cash I paid for. Pretty good service

  20. Fastest service ever

  21. I just received my payment after 30 minutes of selling

  22. My name is Payne and yesterday, someone introuduced me to LiviaCoins and I was very skeptical about using this service. I was actually scared because I read from some website that Liviacoins is scam but my guts kept telling me to just try it out. So I did, sold 0.5 bitcoins to this service yesterday, and I have received my payment now via direct deposit. If its worth anything, Liviacoins is NOT a scam!

  23. I just used this service and I have received funds already. I am sticking with ’em

  24. i sell bitcoin cash and ethereum to them and they pay me in my bank account very easy and same money

  25. Bought some bitcoin cash and i have successfully received them

  26. If you around california, new york, and los angeles, LiviaCoins is the best option for you

  27. I would trade with them

  28. Still remains the fastest service to sell bitcoin cash to

  29. bought 0.09 BTC yesterday and I got coins instantly

  30. I have sold over 3 BTC on this platform for the past 3 weeks and I received all payments. Please use my email as referral charlestrohm548@gmail.com

  31. best service ever!

  32. I just received $3500 which I sold few hours ago. Good job.

  33. For payment by western union do I have to write down the order number or my email

    1. Write your order number

      1. thank you

  34. Lo probé unas 30 horas y vendí unos 100 euros por bitcoins y ya obtuve el dinero en mi cuenta bancaria

  35. Though i feared this company would be a scam, I have traded up to 4 times now and have never had any reason to complain because their service is always fast and efficient.

  36. This is me reviewing this service on 5th Feb, 2018. I did a sales of 0.105 BTC yesterday and I got paid in few minutes via western union. And then I decided to buy about $1,200 via bank transfer but they didn’t allow, so I did a moneygram transfer instead and it checked out, received the BTC. So I do not know when those people that write shits about this service get their experience from but think about, it is always easier to assume negative when you truly do not know. So from me, LiviaCoins is good.

  37. Had a problem with LiviaCoins and my $3K USD transfer to them to purchase Bitcoin. Transaction did not work out but today I received a full Refund from them. It took a while but they did deliver on what they said. Based on that I would say that they are TRUSTWORTHY!

  38. Liviacoins paid me instantly when i sold bitcoins to them from california

  39. http://www.liviacoins.com como nunca se quedó corto. Siempre brindan el mejor servicio cuando se trata de vender o comprar btc.

  40. I am from Bulgaria and I sold bitcoins here at Liviacoins. this service is fast

  41. liviacoins remains the best place to buy or sell bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies in 2018

  42. Best exchange for bitcoin and altcoins right now is liviacoins.com

  43. good job

  44. Hola, soy de México y puedo confirmar que LiviaCoins funciona muy bien.

  45. liviacoins is surely a great place to buy and sell bitcoins

  46. Great guys! Bought my Bitcoin FAST!!

  47. Is this for real site? Can I buy bitcoin without ID verification? Is this site safe to buy?

    1. Yes, it is real. i just traded with them

  48. liviacoins.com have been great! I switched over from coinbase and couldnt be happier!

  49. Liviacoins is just incredible. there selling procedure is fast and convenient and i got paid in my local currency

  50. Can I buy bitcoin with a UK bank account? If so, what is the best, fastest and safest way?
    Are there people from the UK who have done it with Liviacoins?

    1. Yes you can buy from your UK bank Account. You can simply make a wire transfer and be rest assured to get the fastest BTC delivered to your wallet. Thank you for contacting LiviaCoins

  51. this service is pretty good. I got my bitcoins in 3 hours, please make this instant.

  52. I read some bad reviews about liviacoins but still decided to give it a shot and it turned out that those reviews where untrue. great place to sell bitcoins i assure y’all

  53. I am experiencing difficulties in sending BTC to your wallet I want to sell. please help me out

    1. We have left instructions with you via email. Thank you for choosing LiviaCoins

      1. Thanks for the great support. I got paid right away

  54. Despite the controversies, there is no other place I’d rather buy from or sell to. Superb job!

  55. I am Maurice and I want to say liviacoins is the best

  56. Thank u for always been my preferred Company. Your firm is the No. 1 and best ever. Payment of euro in less than 24hrs. Keep on with this quality of customer service

  57. Dealing with liviacoins is awesome.my money landed on my account even before i expected.Its nice doing business with you

  58. not sure how to purchase btc coins

    1. We have sent you an email. Thank you for choosing LiviaCoins

  59. I got my funding of $750. Thanks you guys are great

  60. Wow, LiviaCoins is really the best. I paid for Btc at night with ACH Transfer and before 48hours i have gotten my btc…LiviaCoins rocks

  61. You guys are the best. Very fast and efficient

  62. I want to sell bitcoins, would i get paid in euros?

    1. Yes, you will be paid in your local currency as par your order

      1. I just got paid after few minutes of paying. Good job guys

  63. my account was credited immediately I ordered for it.infact my wholelife lies for liviacoins.com on foreign exchange transanction.i thought my money is lost cos this is my first time of doing online buz but they really credited me. thanx and keep it up… i will refer my friends about this… i appreciate

  64. personally, liviacoins remains the best

  65. i am still amazed at the speed i received my money. looking forward to more of our transactions! i recommend livicoins

  66. I wish to congratulate this company for a reputable job done, mistakingly I accused this company of wiping my account after funding, please accept my sincere apology, I was over reacted, later I found out that the cafe attendant I use his office wipe my account after fund. I have since then patronise my dear company again and the service is highly efficient and reliable. Thanks.

  67. A friend introduced me to bitcoins and I have made lots of money from it. I buy and slel bitcoins from https://liviacoins.com best service up till date!

  68. got ripped off some weeks back and decided to give this platform a short and i have never seen a btc purchase service as fast as this. its awesome trading with liviacoins


  69. liviacoins is the best

  70. With great service in providing a platform where you can buy and sell bitcoins with cash from anywhere in the world, LiviaCoins is the best option!

  71. Paid for 3 BTC 6 hours ago, I just received the bitcoins. Great service fellas

  72. Best rommendation for everyone interested/involved in bitcoin trading, the best place to buy or sell bitcoins y'all is LiviaCoins

  73. Great service guys! I love it

  74. Thank you. I got my wallet funded accordingly and I have been able to do my transactions aright.

  75. Hello, all is going on graet and sounds good here

    Keep it up

  76. I got my bitcoins almost immediately. I love liviacoins

  77. hi is there a way to purchase using a credit or debit card?

    1. Currently, I order to prevent credit card theft, we do not support direct purchase using credit cards. However, you can pay with your card at western union when sending funds. Thanks for patronizing us.

  78. The Best Reliable Exchange services is LiviaCoins. I have been using them for Long now. Recommended To Everyone . thank you for providing Such a great Services

  79. I tried to talk to their customer support but didn't get anyone to talk to me.

    1. We have sent you an email. Kindly respond

  80. i bought at great price few minutes ago

  81. http://www.liviacoins .com is the best and fastest place to buy and sell bitcoins today. beware of coinbase!

  82. can you do business in Hawaii?

    1. Yes we can

  83. Never compare Liviacoins with any other company. I got BTC before I left WU agent's shop where i paid

  84. Selling bitcoins on liviacoins is like no other service out there. its just too fast and too awesome!

  85. I just receivd the bitcoins i placed order 20 minutes ago and paid online throgh moneygram

  86. liviacoins have not failed me once

  87. trusted

  88. I have received cash in less than 24hrs. Thanks keep it up the good job

  89. since i started crypto-trading, i have been using this service and it is pretty amazing

  90. wow I bought bitcoins right on time before the increase.

  91. good service, i'd give you 4.5 Stars

  92. I just want to say i Appreciate your swift and efficient service, keep up the good works

  93. Bought 10 BTC from liviacoins and it was pretty fast! 15B7EjbrgrXSPqSU6iy98BEUKmkY4jTZET

  94. sold 5BTc and got paid in my account. good job

  95. never seen a better way to exchange bitcoins to dollars

  96. I bought bitcoins few minutes ago and I got it in less than 40 minutes.

  97. great service! i recommend this to everyone

  98. i just got paid

  99. Попробую оставить отзыв

  100. I signed up with Coinbase a few weeks ago.
    I must say that the experience with that exchange is more than unsatisfactory! The limits imposed make it virtually impossible to make any gains in this booming crypto currency market. I since have have started trading with liviacoins.com, which has a speedy transaction process, thus allowing me to make trades commensurate with the level of funding I desire.
    If you want to deal in pennies or get scammed, stay with Coinbase.

  101. sold 2.99 BTC 2 hours ago and just got my money in my navy federal credit union acct! my email is rickyduran799@gmail.com I vouch for LiviaCoins

  102. Sold 0.5 BTC 15 minutes ago, i just received my money into my wellsfargo bank account!

  103. got paid 2 minutes ago

  104. Coinbase is scam friends! never trade with coinbase! I have a better way. Buy or sell bitcoins online without verification and registration from https://liviacoins.com They offer great prices and very fast services!

  105. sold bitcoins a few hours ago, i just received the credit alert from my bank.

  106. SUPERFAST service! Sold bitcoins and got paid 30minutes later

  107. liviacoins does the job! great doing business with them!

  108. i would rate your service to be 5 stars

  109. you are the best. i wil tell folks from my workplace about you

  110. My name is Johnson Donald and my email address is jdonald6690@gmail.com After so many failed attempts to get bitcoins, i finally came across a website I bought bitcoins from and their service is super fast and convenient. They sell are good rates! Buy or sell bitcoins from LiviaCoins today!

  111. best service guys! i so much enjoy patronizing you.

  112. i have been bying bitcoins from liviacoins since january 2017 and i have never had a failed transaction. thanks for the great service

  113. Hello, i am representing russians and saying that liviacoins is the best ever!

  114. I am from Colombia. are your service availabe here?

    1. yes they are

  115. i vouch for liviacoins to be the best service if yu want to buy or sell bitcoins here in usa

  116. I was skeptical after i was scammed by paxful of $1000 but i finally bought bitcoins from liviacoins. great work guys!

  117. my name is Skye Glassey i want to tel everyone that will come across this that liviacoins is the best. i exoperienced alot of difficulties trying to buy bitcoins not until i came across liviacoins. their service is easy to you, does not require verification and fast asf! i recommend it to y'all

  118. I just got my bitcoins, thanks people. your service is like flash!

  119. there is not one transaction i did with liviacoins that i did not get results like asap! they rock!

  120. since i have been trading bitcoins, i have never seen a service as fast as liviacoins. i got my bitcoins after 1 hour of paying

  121. i ordered $500 bitcoins yesterday and I just got it a few minutes ago. thanks alot. You provide great service guys

  122. assholes at coinbase took my money without giving me bitcoins but LiviaCoins sold bitcoins to me and there service is freeking fast. i am now enjoying cryptocurrencies because of you guys. thanks

    1. Selling bitcoins could not be any faster than that here at liviacoins

  123. I sold 0.02bitcoins to them yesterday and got paid to my bank account today

  124. Hello, I am from mexico and i needed btc to do my transactions, i was scammed by paxful twice but successfully bought 5 BTC from LiviaCoins. I can vouch for you guys with my life

    1. glad to hear it…Bravo..

  125. I just received 2.02 after paying a couple of hours ago. thanks alot

  126. sold 0.25 BTC to them a few hours ago and I received my payment via western union within 2 hours later. I am grateful I saw you guys!

  127. LiviaCoins is the best bitcoin exchange I recommend. I just want cryptocurrency to take over. If you are afraid or you need prove, I am a prove. Contact me whitneyclay975@gmail.com I stand for LiviaCoins.com

  128. Payment received in less than 2 business hours when I sold bitcoins to them. Thumbs up

  129. This is a great platform for anyone who wants to do a serious E-currency business to connect to. I am greatful to be part of this. Thanks

  130. Highly impressive. All transactions are done on time. The device is world class

  131. wow you guys are simply amazing am impressed at the speed at which the transaction completed, you've got my respect. 😉

  132. The most trustworthy plat form. tested and guaranteed

  133. LiviaCoins is amazing. Lowest available rates. Incentive to transact online. Accurate information on the website. Excellent user interface. Speedy response time. Keep the flag flying!

  134. Wow this is fabulous, I mean the service. In less than 5hours my request was processed… LiviaCoins you are the bomb..

  135. I love this site, very mature and accurate .

    Lara May
    California, USA

  136. Happy new month to the best exchange site that I have transacted with, you guys are amazingly fast and great,. keep it up

  137. the first day that i saw this site i didn't believe until i tried it and it work please keep up the good name,i bought bitcoin and i sold bitcoin. Everything is done fast

  138. I sold 0.5 bitcoins few minutes ago and amazingly, I i got the cash transferred to my account and i saw it after about 20 minutes of selling bitcoins, that is fastest I have experienced with all online bitcoin sales platforms. Guys, please stay away from paxful, they stole my $3,500 before I finally came across LiviaCoins

  139. i have being buying bitcoins from here since January and never once have i experienced a bad service@ great service guy

  140. I sold bitcoins and I got aid within 20 minutes to my bank account

  141. They are great

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